Investment Criteria

Our experience and flexible approach allow us to deliver the optimal investment structure for each situation. We work closely with vendors, management and advisors to carry out the most appropriate transaction that works for all parties.

Drayton Park Capital invests opportunistically in situations with the following characteristics:

  • operating companies in most business sectors/across a broad range of industries; we do not invest in real estate or natural resources
  • established companies usually generating revenues in excess of $5 million for platform investments – sometimes in a relatively early stage of their growth, but never start-ups
  • requiring $1.0 – 7.0 million capital
  • consider investing anywhere in capital structure
  • primary focus on businesses that have significant activities within the United States
  • complex corporate carve-outs: substantial work required to demerge a non-core division from a larger corporate vendor
  • working with highly incentivised management to drive growth
  • corporate orphans: smaller subsidiaries of larger companies that have suffered from a lack of attention and resources